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Just in case you were wondering…I did decide on a domain name: www.dontpanicmom.com

I think it is absolutely perfect. I still need to design the perfect logo and header, but that will be my project during naps this coming week. I seriously appreciate your feedback. It really helped me decide on a specific angle for content.

I want to help Mom’s decrease their panic level on anxiety-inducing health topics (immunization safety, current pertussis epidemic in California, e. coli contamination in pre-packaged foods, are transfats really that bad?, etc.). Thus the name: Don’t Panic, Mom!

I even have some great professionals lined up to answer these timely questions.

Thanks for the help!

3 Responses to “dontpanicmom.com”

  1. Candie says:

    You are awesome Alli! love the domain name and idea both! Other ideas might include What To Do If… Poison Control-ish. We recently had an incident involving liquid dishwasher detregent. Maybe that’s not quite what you had in mind, but just a thought for the future.

  2. Chelsea Ellingson says:

    I have a suggestion for a featured topic: how long is too long to let your baby sleep in the first months? It seems that every “experienced” parent I talk to says “let them sleep” and every doctor I talk to says “they need to eat every ten seconds, don’t let them sleep”. What are the dangers of doing both? (sick baby vs. sleep-deprived stressed out momma, etc…) Excited to hear about pertussis too…:-)

  3. Katie says:

    I love the name! I can’t wait til you get it up and running. I’m really excited to see your perspective on things. I would love to see some good stuff on nutrition and childhood obesity. And the pertussis thing is definitely intriguing. Keep us posted on when you get things going. Are you designing the site yourself?

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