Summer, Over!??!

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Summer Updates:

  • Our garden is beautiful. New plants this year: Purple Potatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Dragon Tongue Green Beans, and Purple Kohlrabi.
  • We had a new nephew born in late May. Welcome to the party little one!
  • Our chickens are not laying yet. I scold them everyday I fail to find eggs.
  • Our little lady turned one. I actually have photos from her party, thanks to a darling mother-in-law.
  • Our home was filled with good music from voice and piano students.
  • Phin taught Eli to play a C-major scale.
  • Phin loves to ride his orange bike to church on Sunday mornings. He even has his own ‘parking space’ on the side of the building.
  • We started participating in Bountiful Baskets.
  • Both boys still sleep on the bottom bunk together. When we suggest they split up, they simply say, “But [other brother’s name] will be so lonely!”
  • We use the blender every day. Both boys knowingly slurp smoothies with spinach and kale.
  • We finally replaced the white couch in our living room. Nate is thrilled that our new one is long enough for him to nap on. As if he will ever do that.
  • We frequented the library, Riverside Park, and our favorite hang out: the backyard.
Enjoy these shots of Adele’s party:

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