Snuggle Books: Our #blog4cause Project

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What Nate is thinking: “Enough elaborate projects already!”

What Alli is thinking: “I know. I know. But this one only lasts a few weeks!”


So, I wanted to help teach Phin the concept of empathy. It’s a tricky one for all of us. I was reading my favorite early childhood blog and was inspired. She and some other mommy-bloggers are doing great holiday service and spreading the cheer with the twitter hashtag #blog4cause. I decided  join in the fun.

Phin spent a little time in a hospital this year and we brought a few books along. He told me that it helped him feel better. So…Phin and I are collecting new books for all of the pediatric patients admitted to Colorado Plains Medical Center during 2013. We talked about a few ideas and this is the one he came up with, “Snuggle Books.” (He quickly vetoed the title, “Cuddle Books.”)

Phin stated in his adorably, thoughtful way, “When kids are sick they need a really good book to read. Especially if they’re snuggling with a mama.”

We’ve already received fabulous support from The Fort Morgan Library. And a rumor has it that the Fort Morgan High School Drama Department will also… 🙂

How can you contribute? 

  • Donate a New Book appropriate for ages 0 – 7 (Must be new, hospital administration says so for infection control.)
  • Help spread the word about “Snuggle Books” using email and social media
  • Donate $ to help package the books (we’re using cellophane and ribbon)
We’re collecting books from now until December 20th.

Thanks for helping Phin with his first service project!

Email me if you’d like a PDF with all of the information.

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  1. Willa Hansen says:

    Snuggle Books Forever! I will find some grandmas around here that would like to donate $$ or a book or two. Would like a PDF.

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