Ready for Spriiiiiiing!

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We have some green stuff beginning to emerge in our yard. This has been my annual signal that I’m going to make it through another winter in Fort Morgan. Spring is really an amazing thing. So amazing, that the boys ran over to the chives and started munching toddler-sized handfuls. Hilarious. We celebrated with our first family walk of the season this weekend and I snapped some good pics of the kids. We love these little people. Here’s to Spring! Phin-Tree

Adele-Sidewalk Adele-front-of-house




3 Responses to “Ready for Spriiiiiiing!”

  1. Paige says:

    These are such great pictures!!! They are so cute and grown-up. I think your oldest is looking a lot like Than. Love you, friend!

  2. I love your kids- these pictures melt my heart a little bit. And I’m definitely getting Spring fever already- hopefully March goes as fast as the rest of the months have this year so far so we can hurry up and get outside!!

  3. Willa Hansen says:

    So glad to see all the fun you have been having with those adorable kidlets and your awesome sweetheart! Spring really is coming–it happens when the snow stops, I hope! xo Mom

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