Spring Break Part IV

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Hiking with kids is possible. We took the kids to Round Mountian in the Big Thompson Canyon (in between Loveland and Estes Park). It was our last hurrah before Spring Break came to a close. The nature trail (.75 miles each way) turned out to be the perfect distance for our little crew.

Initially, I coached myself to forget about speed and just enjoy the moss covered rocks. It was one of those dorky Enjoy the Journey moments and it made the hike absolutely perfect.  In fact, we stopped to look at various forms of moss and lichen about 27 times. I’m sure of it. The boys squealed and were equally delighted with each discovery. We also stopped to analyze rocks, sticks, and animal footprints. The kids learned that the plural of cactus is cacti. How’s that for an grammatically educational family outing?

We finished the day with a windy picnic in Estes park and caramel apples for dessert. We even splurged and let the boys pick out their own geode from the Ore Cart and a mini singing bowl from a Himalayan shop. Nate and I picked out a big singing bowl for us.

The drive home included pulling off HWY 34 and playing in the Big Thompson River. It’s a magical moment when kids come together with rocks, water, and sticks. I love Colorado.


The boys had a “secret” look out at the top of the nature trail. The view of the river was gorgeous.



Adele climbed anything she could scramble up. No fear with this little lady.


The boys had a combination of sticks and rocks in their hands at all times.


This little traveling companion’s name is Nipper. He was a gift to Phin from one of the librarians in Fort Morgan.


Enjoying the Big Thompson River.


Binoculars were definitely a big theme on our hike.


This girl was at home on the hiking trail. She would have beat her brothers up the trail if her legs were longer!


Eli was really excited about the existence of moss. He clutched a few pieces in his sweaty hand for the entire hike back down. That’s pretty special moss… eww.


This is what a great dad looks like.

RM_Allibinoculars RM_binoculars_closeup RM_MagnifyingGlass RM_natekids1 RM_phinbinocularstext RM_phinmeasuringtape RM_poudrephin


Nate signing in at the trailhead

Nate signing in at the trailhead

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