Ready for Spriiiiiiing!

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We have some green stuff beginning to emerge in our yard. This has been my annual signal that I’m going to make it through another winter in Fort Morgan. Spring is really an amazing thing. So amazing, that the boys ran over to the chives and started munching toddler-sized handfuls. Hilarious. We celebrated with our first family walk of the season this weekend and I snapped some good pics of the kids. We love these little people. Here’s to Spring! Phin-Tree

Adele-Sidewalk Adele-front-of-house





Stop It.

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My sweet Adele just said her first two word combination. It’s a doozy: “Stop it.”

adele1Her second two word combo: “Love you!”

Is this what it will be like having a little girl? Sweet and terrifying at the same time? Love you, too, Delly! My little Princess Monster.




carriage ride & hair cuts

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We actually got to spend time all together this weekend. We wandered around in downtown Fort Morgan on Saturday afternoon browsing in little businesses and decorating cookies at the Fort Morgan Times. A little later we found a new barbershop to trim the boys homeless-looking locks. They are so handsome, no? Adele felt very grown up walking on the sidewalk by herself.

Thanks to a horse named Jade, I was reminded of why we love being in a small town. We rode around in a traditional carriage with velvet-covered seats. We slowly made our way around the library and our favorite park. Passed the post office where the employees know you by name. The pace of life here forces you to actually know your neighbors and the man who bags your groceries. Enjoy the pics and come visit if you want to slow down for a minute. We might even find a few horses for you to ride or hay to climb.


Living With Phin.

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Phin is hilarious. He is also really into a PBS Kids show called WordGirlHere is how he uses his expanded vocabulary at home.

Phin: (Threatening voice) Dad, if you don’t share that smoothie with me I’ll make you swelter!

Nate: (skeptical) How will you make me swelter?

Phin: I don’t have to tell you.

Epilogue: Phin got a glass of smoothie.


Snuggle Books: Our #blog4cause Project

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What Nate is thinking: “Enough elaborate projects already!”

What Alli is thinking: “I know. I know. But this one only lasts a few weeks!”


So, I wanted to help teach Phin the concept of empathy. It’s a tricky one for all of us. I was reading my favorite early childhood blog and was inspired. She and some other mommy-bloggers are doing great holiday service and spreading the cheer with the twitter hashtag #blog4cause. I decided  join in the fun.

Phin spent a little time in a hospital this year and we brought a few books along. He told me that it helped him feel better. So…Phin and I are collecting new books for all of the pediatric patients admitted to Colorado Plains Medical Center during 2013. We talked about a few ideas and this is the one he came up with, “Snuggle Books.” (He quickly vetoed the title, “Cuddle Books.”)

Phin stated in his adorably, thoughtful way, “When kids are sick they need a really good book to read. Especially if they’re snuggling with a mama.”

We’ve already received fabulous support from The Fort Morgan Library. And a rumor has it that the Fort Morgan High School Drama Department will also… 🙂

How can you contribute? 

  • Donate a New Book appropriate for ages 0 – 7 (Must be new, hospital administration says so for infection control.)
  • Help spread the word about “Snuggle Books” using email and social media
  • Donate $ to help package the books (we’re using cellophane and ribbon)
We’re collecting books from now until December 20th.

Thanks for helping Phin with his first service project!

Email me if you’d like a PDF with all of the information.


Fall is here.

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Sorry for the long pause between posts. I’ve been spending my online time over at Don’t Panic Mom. Kids only nap for so long…

Not a lot of text today. The pics will speak for themselves. Life is good.


First Day Back.

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Nate will begin his fourth academic year in Fort Morgan tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. I know he is ready. He bought two directing batons this weekend and excitedly described them to me. Love this man. 

Here’s a little pic for my honey to remember our favorite Stay-cation days. Thanks for working hard for our family. I love having such a lovely roof over my head. Here’s to year number four!


she’s walking.

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It’s official. The little lady is mobile.


Summer, Over!??!

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Summer Updates:

  • Our garden is beautiful. New plants this year: Purple Potatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Dragon Tongue Green Beans, and Purple Kohlrabi.
  • We had a new nephew born in late May. Welcome to the party little one!
  • Our chickens are not laying yet. I scold them everyday I fail to find eggs.
  • Our little lady turned one. I actually have photos from her party, thanks to a darling mother-in-law.
  • Our home was filled with good music from voice and piano students.
  • Phin taught Eli to play a C-major scale.
  • Phin loves to ride his orange bike to church on Sunday mornings. He even has his own ‘parking space’ on the side of the building.
  • We started participating in Bountiful Baskets.
  • Both boys still sleep on the bottom bunk together. When we suggest they split up, they simply say, “But [other brother’s name] will be so lonely!”
  • We use the blender every day. Both boys knowingly slurp smoothies with spinach and kale.
  • We finally replaced the white couch in our living room. Nate is thrilled that our new one is long enough for him to nap on. As if he will ever do that.
  • We frequented the library, Riverside Park, and our favorite hang out: the backyard.
Enjoy these shots of Adele’s party:

Don’t Panic – Just Read!

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Dear readers of our beloved family blog,

Do you miss reading Alli’s engaging and hillarous writing style?  Do you wish we posted more frequently?  You’re in luck!  Alli, our resident Master of Public Health, has started a delicious family nutrition blog called Don’t Panic, Mom!  It’s an overnight web sensation!

Of course, Alli isn’t the type to toot her own horn.  That’s why I get to do a little promotion here with our family and friends.  If you feel so inclined, please read and comment on her articles, give her a Facebook Like, and send her a glowing tweet.

Most importantly, please share the blog with all the moms you can.  After all, who doesn’t want healthier kids?